The basic PEDAYAK is a single seat version. Although it can also accomodate an additionnal lightweight person seated frontward.

For an additionnal safety, a pair of paddles can be carried. They are housed inside the two sides handles.

The direct drive steering system directly operates the rudder under the hull, allowing an amazing maneuverability through quick response and efficiency. The PEDAYAK turns on itself when combining the steer and the propeller forward and reverse. The faster you go, the easier it turns out. You can take turns at 90° degrees, and get a lot of fun!


PEDAYAK duo version:

With an intermediary frame in between which simply attaches to each hull, 2 PEDAYAK can be assembed in a catamaran. The frame can welcome a sunbathing place, bring childrens for a stroll, picnic, camping or diving equipment, etc